New growth engine of Korea Korean Food

So that you can hope to families of the global village culture of Korean
culture Korean food is the Promotion Institute strive hero of Korean food globalization

2017 Changed the name of the foundation
(Korean Food Foundation -> Korean Food Promotion Institute)
The overseas Korean restaurant consulting project was transferred
from aT to the Korean Food Foundation.
2016 Yun Suk-ja is inaugurated as the 4th Korean Food Foundation Chairperson.
Opened 「Korean Food Cultural Center」, the platform for the domestic and
overseas Korean food industry and culinary tourism.
Concluded the business agreement for the success of the Pyeongchang Olympics
and the globalization of Korean food.
Transferred the overseas Korean food education project
to the Korean Food Foundation from aT.
2015 Designated as an “Public Institution”
2014 Appointed the third chief director of the Korean Food Foundation
Elected Kang Min-su as third president of the Korea Food Foundation
2013 Took over the Korean culinary school support project from aT
Took over the overseas Korean restaurant support project from aT
2012 Received an excellent award of the non-profit organization from WEBAWARD KOREA
Took over the project for Korean food expert training courses from aT
Designated by the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
to lead the Korean Food Globalization Initiatives
Attended a welcome dinner reception and held a Korean food booth for
Madrid Fusion 2012 (Korea participated in the event as Guest of Honor)
Appointed the second president of the Korea Food Foundation
2011 Appointed Yang Il-sun as second president of the Korea Food Foundation
Opened the Korean food globalization official portal site
2010 Launched the Korean Food Foundation
Appointed Jeong Wun-cheon as first president of the Korean Food Foundation
2009 Formed the Korean Food Foundation Establishment Preparation Committee
Founded the Korean Food Globalization Task Force

Refusal of E-mail Address Collection Without Consent


The e-mail posted on the website must not be used by any program that collects e-mail addresses or be used in anyway necessary without the consent of the bearer. If the e-mail is used without consent, the user will be punished under the Information Communications Network Act. 

<Regulations on the Promotion of Information Communications Network and Information Protection>

Article 50, clause 2 (Prohibition on the Collection of E-mail Addresses without Consent) 

  1. ① It is forbidden to use an automatic e-mail address collection program, or any other means necessary, to collect e-mail addresses without the consent of the homepage manager or employer.
    <Revised 2004.12.30>
  2. ② It is forbidden to trade or distribute e-mail addresses acquired by violation of the first clause. 
  3. ③ It is forbidden to send information by e-mails acquired in violation with the first and second clause. [Added 2002.12.18]

Article 50, clause 3 (Consignment to Send Advertisements or any other Promotional Information for the Gains of Profit)

  1. ① Anyone who consigns to send advertisements or any other promotional information for the gains of profit must make sure that they abide by Article 50, clause 2. 
  2. ② In accordance with clause 1, the person that consigns to send advertisements or any other promotional information for the gains of profit is responsible for any losses that might occur due to the violation of laws. [Added 2002.12.18]

Article 74 (Punishment) 

  1. Anyone who has violated the following clauses will be sentenced a maximum of 1 year in prison or a fine under 10 million won.
    <Revised 2005.12.30, 2007.1.26, 2007.12.21>
  2. ① Any violators of Article 50, clause 2, by collecting, trading, distributing, or transferring information.
    [Partially Revised 2008.02.29 Law 8667]

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