Korea’s traditional Wedding Food Cooking Class

2017-09-26 VIEW 2037

The Korean Food Foundation will be hosting a cooking class of Korea’s traditional wedding food for foreigners as an event part of 2017 World Hansik Festival. The class will be held at 4th Floor of Hansikmunhwagwan (Korean cuisine cultural center), Cheonggyecheon, Jung-gu, Seoul city. And the class will be initiated from upcoming national holiday, Chuseok, October 3rd (Tuesday)~ 4th(Wednesday), 12:00~14:00.
We hope for a good number of participation and interest from foreigners living in Korea.
◯ Date: 10.3(Tuesday)-10.4(Wednesday) 12:00-14:00

◯ Venue: 4th Floor of Hansikchaeheomgwan, Munhwachaeheom venture complex, 40 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul city

◯ Contents: Korea’s traditional Wedding Food Cooking Class
- Menu of the Cooking class: Jangguksu (bean paste Noodle), Yukjeon (meat patties), Songpyeon (rice cake)
- Sample Menu: Jangguksu, Yukjeon, Songpyeon, Baekkimchi(white kimchi), Sujeonggwa(cinnamon punch)

◯ Target: 30 people per day, Foreign people in Korea

◯ Lectured Language: Korean/English Consecutive Interpretation

◯ Register: Through this e-mail, kff_kfe@naver.com
- Name, nationality, contact info, a date wishing to participate should be noted
* Participation confirmation will be carried out through individual’s contact information.


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