Call for Applications to the 2017 World Hansik Festival

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Call for Applications to the 2017 World Hansik Festival
“Hansik Meets the World”
What is the World Hansik Festival?
The World Hansik Festival, now in its second year, is a signature festival of Korea that invites people all over the world to share the enjoyment of Korean food and Korean food culture.
We look forward to your participation.
1. Eligibility (foreigners)
❍  All foreigners are welcome to participate regardless of nationality, age, level of education, occupation, etc.
2. How to Participate
❍  Application Period: 2 PM, Sept. 12 (Tue) – 6 PM, Sept. 15 (Fri)
❍  Application Method  
3. Key Events
❍  Liquor Table Setting Class
  • Provides foreigners with the opportunity to experience Korea’s food and drink culture
  • Participants arrange a liquor table with their own cooked traditional Korean food (songpyeon, hwajeon, makgeolli, etc.) and have a party at the table (participatory talk)
* Not open to minors.
❍  Hansik Concert
  • Participants watch a concert while enjoying local Korean food.
❍  Cooking Class
  • Participants gain hands-on experience of cooking Korean food.
4. Participation Period
❍  Sep. 28 (Thu) 19:00–20:00: Hansik Concert
❍  Sep. 29 (Fri) 16:00–20:00: Liquor Table Setting Class & Hansik Concert
❍  Oct. 4–6 (Chuseok) 12:00–14:00: Cooking Class (Venue: Hansik Cultural Center, Cheonggyecheon)
* Participants may attend more than one session.
5. Benefits
❍  Korean food and souvenirs provided to pre-registered participants of the Hansik Concert
❍  Food and all other all expenses covered by the Korean Food Foundation for the Liquor Table Setting Class and Cooking Class
6. Inquiries
❍  Event Management Office: (Available from Sept. 15)

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